What Factors Can Cause Stress to My Pet in Boarding Kennels?

A lot of people that own household pets deal with a pressing issue when it comes to being present with their household pets all the time. The previous lockdowns because of the pandemic have been easy as a large number of people were required to stay home. Nevertheless, because the circumstance has changed, we are now able to go back to our offices, institutions, and on vacation. This results in an issue of where to entrust our pets.

The good news is, there are veterinary establishments that offer a place to care for your pets when you go somewhere, and you need your pets looked after. These places are dog boarding kennels. However, you need to keep in mind what boarding kennels may cause to your pet dog.

What factors make stressors in dog boarding kennels?

Leaving your dog in Central Bark daycare can be a stressful experience. The fact that your pet does not understand why it is brought there scares them. Tension and anxiety in animals have negative impacts on their health and wellness. These stress factors may additionally exacerbate a medical problem. Knowing these can be an advantage that can support us act accordingly.

The stressors a dog experiences must be kept in mind when selecting a pet boarding kennel. After all, a pet owner does not want to have their pet put in any type of stressful situation. Below are some stress factors that pet boarding kennels present to your pet;


Boarding kennels are typically the least expensive option when it comes to having a safe place to entrust your household pet when you are on holiday or go for extended periods of time. These facilities sometimes have a crowding concern. Crowding in boarding kennels can be a concern as some dogs are not really social and may experience fear and anxiety when exposed to other pets. Knowing where to find a center that does not crowd kennels can be an advantage. You can resolve this issue by getting a doggy daycare or dog spa franchise.


We can not deny that some pets make a lot of noise. The barking of other pets might stress your household pet and could cause them to feel distressed. There are certain centers that address these wall or floor materials that have sound-dampening properties that reduce the intensity of noises. An excellent way to resolve this stress factor is to train your dog and introduce it to specific noises or other dogs for brief durations and consistently to make sure that your pet may be used to them.

Separation Anxiety

Our pet dogs often experience separation anxiety. This experience is something that can cause changes in attitude or negative impacts on health. Separation anxiety will be experienced when you leave your household pet in boarding centers that do not have a lot of human interaction. Bringing your pet to a boarding kennel that has skilled staff that will comfort and look after your household pet is an advantage and must be a top priority. You can read more on this online.


Stress is also experienced by our household pets. This sensation is intensified when we leave them in pet boarding establishments. We need to keep in mind the stress factors that exist so we can manage them or educate our pets to cope with them. Being able to make sure that your dog is comfortable when you are away is a considerable benefit for both you and your pet.

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